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For modern people who pursue a healthy diet, the term "organic vegetables" is not unfamiliar. But do you know what exactly organic vegetables are? What are organic vegetables? Are there any benefits to eating organic vegetables? Hurry up with the editor to increase your knowledge and understand the health meaning of organic vegetables.

What are organic vegetables?

"Organic vegetables"also known asecological vegetables,it refers to strictly follow the rules of organic production in the production process of vegetables, prohibit the use of any chemically synthesized pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and genetically modified organisms and their products from production to processing, follow the laws of nature and ecological principles, and adopt a series of Sustainable agricultural technology, coordinate planting balance, maintain the continuous stability of the agricultural ecosystem, and contain green food labels, vegetable products that have been certified by organic food certification agencies and issued organic food certificates.

Health comes from "bitter"?

Although the taste of bitter gourd is not acceptable to everyone, many nutritionists, health experts and doctors recommend that people eat more bitter gourd. The benefits are beyond many people's expectations.

Of course, it is really too bitter to eat bitter gourd directly. You can neutralize the taste by cooking soup, salad, or other vegetables.

Health benefits of eating bitter gourd

  1. Improve immunity
  2. Improve the respiratory system
  3. reduce acne
  4. Control blood sugar and improve type 2 diabetes
  5. help lose weight
  6. Protect eyesight
  7. reduce constipation
  8. prevent heart disease

In addition to these eight benefits, bitter melon is good for hair and skin. It can restore luster to the skin and improve infection. If you have hair loss or itchy scalp, eating more bitter melon can also improve scalp health.

Another healthy vegetable

When you mention sweet potato leaves, what is your first impression? Is it a "pig dish" that was mainly used by pig farmers to feed piglets in the past, and no one asked for it? Or the holy product of high fiber to relieve constipation? A nutritionist said that sweet potato leaves, known as "common vegetables", actually have many unexpected benefits! The nine specific benefits of eating sweet potato leaves in moderation are as follows:

  1. detox
  2. Improve immunity
  3. Prevent anemia
  4. Prevent high blood pressure
  5. Improve constipation
  6. Anti-cancer
  7. Improve menopausal symptoms
  8. promote milk secretion
  9. strengthen vision

Farmers Choice only sells agricultural products from its own farm "Yongzhou Shennong Organic Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Research Co., Ltd." invested by Hong Kong businessmen and developed in virgin land.

Yongzhou Shennong Organic Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Research Co., Ltd. is located in Shan Town, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province and Lianzhou Town, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province. The farm has obtained organic certification (IFOAM, Guohuan, USDA, Canada) in 2015, meeting the organic standards of many countries, and obtained the Hong Kong Supply Certificate in 2016. All the agricultural products supplied to Hong Kong by the company have been tested and inspected by the government departments of China and Hong Kong. Cautiousness makes customers feel at ease. The company also entrusts Intertek International Testing and Inspection Company to conduct irregular sampling inspections. There are triple checks to ensure that there are no residual pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals. Let everyone buy with peace of mind! Eat with confidence!

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